How can I get exercise with me Wii?
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Which Wii games are best for good aerobic exercise in single player mode?

I recently bought this game console. As winter is barreling down on us in the northeast and I'll be spending more time indoors, I'd like to take advantage of it to help me get some much needed exercise.

I'm looking for games that would be fun for an older fart, with the provision that they provide me some decent aerobic exercise. I'm enjoying Wii Sports, and sports games are okay in general, but I'd prefer something that offers a little adventure and thought stimulation as well.

And since our TV room is tight and my sweetie isn't into the whole video game thing anyway, I'd prefer something that will work for a single player.

Any ideas?
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Wait a few months for WiiFit.

Also, there's always DDR, and I'm sure Guitar Hero can give you a workout if you get into it.
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You might want to get the sports accessories (tennis racquet, golf club, base ball bat) to make the game feel more real and that might engage you more. I personally jump around like a fool regardless and am usually sore the next day after a good 1 or 2 hr session.
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You can actually just use WiiSports. Some guy on the internet actually put together his own WiiSports fitness program.
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Wii Sports is the best for fun exercise (assuming you stand up and play along, rather than sit on the sofa and flick your wrist)

Wiifit looks like its just going to be an interactive exercise video. Wii Sports is more fun because its main focus is the game rather than 'exercise'. I can't imagine wiifit being much more fun than any other exercise equipment or fitness videos.
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Personally, I work up the most sweat playing the baseball game in Wii Sports.

I suspect DDR would probably be the best bet all around.
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The boxing game in WiiSports is always exhausting. I (and anyone I end up playing with) always breaks out a good sweat.
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Boxing in WiiSports is great. Also, The Bigs - a baseball game - is a good way to work up a sweat, because to run faster around the bases, you have to drum the remote and nunchuck very quickly.
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Wiisports is good, add some wrist weights and you'll be getting a good workout.
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WarioWare: Smooth Moves can sometimes get my heart going, just from the sheer speed. It's hit or miss - you go from furious hulahooping to standing there balancing the controller on your hand for a few seconds. And also, the first time you play each level you have to wait for some animated story. But after that, the fun songs (and discodancing animated cats!) make it easy to get really into.

(And nthing the boxing game in WiiSports, but make sure to balance left and right punches - my boyfriend develped noticeably different sized biceps while punching mostly with his dominant arm)
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Here is a 10 week Wiisports fitness program. Good luck.
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Konami released a Dance Dance Revolution title for the Wii. I haven't played the Wii Version, because it isn't released in Germany yet.
But I don't think there are any differences too older versions (besides you can use your hands now, feat. the wiimote).
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I don't know that it's the best workout game, but 2nding WarioWare. It has to be seen to be believed. Most fun I've had on this round of consoles.
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Wii sports, especially boxing.
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Boxing. Boxing & wiisports.
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WarioWare is more strenuous than you'd think, I agree. Although part of that is mental. Quick! Roast that piece of meat! Quick! Use the hoola hoop!

Boxing on WiiSports is also good - I'm tired after just one match. I suspect if I played it for half an hour I'd get a good workout right there.

I'm looking forward to WiiFit, myself.
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DDR, hands down. Too bad the version for the Wii sucks.
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Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii does not suck. And it is a good workout. Maybe it's because I've never played another version of DDR, but I love it. So does my wife. We've had it for a month and we play it together nearly every night. (You need an extra mat to do this.) It provides an awesome aerobic workout.

That Gamespot review is bizarre. The reviewer complains about the "gimmicks" without mentioning that it's easy to turn the gimmicks off. Don't want silly things going on in battle mode? Then don't use that option. My wife and I turn off the hand controls and the gimmicks and just dance. It's a blast.

Some of the Wii Sports games can give a workout (especially boxing), but they really don't compare to DDR. Also, Guitar Hero works out your fingers. Not very aerobic.
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Oh brother. I just re-read that Gamespot review of DDR. That's the same review that says in "groove circuit" mode you end up dancing to the same songs over and over. WTF? If you choose to do so, that's what happens. I give that review a 5.5.
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I play wii sports while on a balancing board (like this one).

It doesn't add any extra aerobic elements, but it does help me concentrate and focus my movements, making them more efficient.
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Specifically, on WiiSports, try the fitness and training challenges. They mix up the games and their associated minigames into a diverse challenge.
Sure to get your blood pumping.
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Rayman Raving Rabids gave me some very sore arms.
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My wife loved DDR for a while and used it as a supplemental workout when weather got too crappy for bike commuting. This was on the Xbox, but if the Wii version is similar it's quite fun, especially if you like bad/obscure music.
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Nthing Warrior Ware. I can't help but dancing like maniac every moment of play time. The game seriously wears me out, in a good way.
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And of course I mean WarioWare.
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Response by poster: Color me shocked! Not that there's anything wrong with Wii Sports, but I thought by now somebody would have seized the opportunity to come out with a more unique use of the console.

I will definitely check out WarioWare and maybe DDR.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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I have the DDR for the Wii, and it's a ton of fun. Yes, it's not the best it could have been, but it's still damn fun. The music is also pretty good, I recognize way more songs than I did on the older version I had for the xbox.
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