Fun niche catalogs in PDF for perusing on iPad
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Sort of riffing on my earlier question regarding Amazon's dark corners of industrial and scientific equipment--I'm hoping you can hook me up with fun niche catalogs in PDF format for browsing on my iPad.

I always loved to flip though the Grainger catalogs my school would receive (which seems to be available in a cumbersome PDF).

Are there other great catalogs available in PDF that are fun to flip through? I have no need for the printed volumes--I'm 97% certain I'll never order anything, and it's a waste of paper and space.

Anything is fair game--from industrial kitchen supplies, to avionics, to building materials, etc. E.g., wow, I had no idea hazmat suits came in different models, and, at $250 (or whatever), I should get one!

Not looking for basic consumer stuff like Hemmacher Schlemmer or whatever. The cool catalog your cool job has! And keeps in the break room!
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Aircraft Spruce (60 MB PDF)
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U.S. Plastic Corp. has a downloadable catalog (77 MB PDF).
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ThorLabs and Edmund Optics (warning, direct giant PDF link) are optics suppliers we use regularly in my lab.
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BioQuip, for all your entomological needs.
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Bachmann model trains (25.7 MB)
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If you're open to time tourism as well, here's the 1912 Sears Catalog. Over 1200 pages!
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Global Industrial Supply for all your hazmat suits / mop buckets / shelving / factory construction needs. Actually, their maple workbenches are a great bargain and a secret I always recommend to people that need a worktable.

Newark Element 14 (2,487 pages) carries everything electronic you will ever need. Period.

Same with DigiKey (2,896 pages) in case Element14 doesn't have it.
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Leviton has a big catalog of wiring devices

Graybar has PDF catalogs and brochures of industrial-type products for serveral different industries. (A mix of some short brochures and some several-hundred page product/solutions guides, you'll have to dig through them all)
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Beekeeping and Candlemaking Catalogue
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The best page-flippin' catalog in existence is McMaster. There is an iOS app, and apparently a torrent of the PDF. I have no clue as to the legality of the torrent.
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Came in to recommend the McMaster-Carr catalog and was beaten to the punch. (Link goes to the iOS app.) Might be a bit more consumer-y, but B&H always has a pretty huge catalog (~80MB) and they do a bunch of pro stuff too, so it's not just a bunch of crappy TVs.
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American Science and Surplus
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