Plus Size Travel Jacket - How can I look stylish and keep warm?
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I'm lusting after this jacket, but it's not available in the size I need. I wear women's plus size 22 or 2x. Is there another jacket you know of that would work for April in San Francisco?

What I love about this one is:
  • Blazer-like styling
  • Buttons up to the neck
  • Collar can be worn open
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant (this is not a must-have)
  • Close-fitting
  • Casual but still dressy enough that it doesn't scream "tourist"
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • No pockets over the breast area (I'm busty and I don't like how pockets there look)
  • Available in a dark color and/or black (anything but khaki or white)
I've searched eBay for the actual coat, and found nothing. I'm searching other retailers for "field coats" and "safari jackets" but not liking what I see. I'm looking at LL Bean, Land's End, Lane Bryant, REI, Nordstrom, Target, etc. Budget is under $100 but I'm willing to go higher for the perfect coat!

Where else can I find a coat like this?
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This jacket is nice, and a steal at $24 but you might want something a tad warmer in the evening, when the fog rolls in it gets damp and chilly.

This Trench is more of a jacket, but it's perfect for cooler weather.

I have this jacket and I LOVE it. Warm, but lightweight. The seaming gives it shape.

I recommend a warm, wooly wrap for layering in the evening. This is a smart-looking, layering piece.
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This from Coldwater Creek hits nearly all your needs, but it's slightly over your stated price range.

Really, though, most people I know in San Francisco just wear hoodies.
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Just looks like a lightweight raincoat to me... what do you wear at home during that kind of weather?
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While brick-and-mortar Kohl's are terrible for plus size outerwear, the website's a little better and I've had some luck there. This meets many of your criteria, but might be trenchier than you're looking for.

Zappos might be worth a look, too. What's nice is they sometimes include the model's stats, so you know what to expect. This jacket, maybe? Or this one?
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you didn't like anything at land's end? they're having an outerwear sale right now... i thought this stuff might work:
stupid belt, but:
i love this:
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misanthropicsarah, I think I love that last one, too! But the print is too much - maybe I'm just shopping too early for a spring coat? Knowing Land's End, they usually come out with the same stuff in solids.
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You need to know that April in San Francisco is COLD! The little jacket in your picture wouldn't even slow down the wind - you need something warm.

On my first trip to San Francisco I thought all those little old ladies wearing fur coats, hats and gloves were just SO cute, so dressed up in the middle of a weekday, etc. An hour or so later I understood that cute/classy wasn't the issue - they were warm and I was shaking with cold.

That trip was in April many years ago, but on every trip since I've been glad I wore warm clothing. Layers are a good idea, even in the summer.
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I'm Mr. Coffeemate and it should be noted that we're from Minnesota so our notions of cold might be different than yours.
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