What else can I make in an oven/broiler safe French onion soup crock?
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What else can I make in an oven/broiler safe French onion soup crock (pretty much exactly like this one)?

I am not really looking for things I can SERVE in such crocks (i.e., chili), although if you have suggestions for dishes that can be punched up by broiled cheese or crouton or just a crispy top, please share.

Ideas I've had:

- individual pot pies (top crust only)
- individual shepherd's pies
- individual fruit crisp/crumbles (although 10 oz is kind of too large for an individual dessert, however wholesome)
- individual servings of mac and cheese (with super-crunchy bread crumbs on top)

Otherwise, I'm stumped, and I'm finding other ideas to be completely un-Googleable. Help!
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Any casserole could be adapted to single serving portions in your crocks.
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Egg dishes, like a strata or veggie-heavy frittata.
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Tomato cobbler, with or without the biscuits described. I made this without biscuits the other night (even though it's hardly tomato season) and it was highly praised.

In fact, I would probably make individual vegetable gratins generally. Mushrooms and artichoke, bell pepper and onion, etc.
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My Mom used to make individual chicken pot pies in those. They're great, because the crust stays around the edge as you eat and doesn't fall into the sauce and get soggy like with a bigger pie.
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Tiny bread puddings. Tiny dishes of scalloped potatoes. Tiny heaps of either spinach of hash browns, topped with an egg and a grating of sharp cheese, then broiled 'til bubbly. Basically ANY comfort food would be even BETTER in those - more of the dish is touching the food, which means more crispy browned bits!
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Hassleback Potato Gratin, likely one potato per.
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Baked eggs

Individual pies sweet or savory.

Individual mac & cheese.
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A fantastic cafe near me serves their amazing herb baked eggs in these! Here's a recipe.
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Soup en croute (second photo) -- any lovely soup with either puff pastry or regular pie crust laid across the top, sealed, and baked.

Hachis Parmentier -- a French shepherd's pie-ish dish. Rich mixture of minced beef, onion, garlic and other seasonings, topped with mashed potatoes (and sometimes cheese on top of that). I haven't tried this example recipe.
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I haven't tried making them myself yet, but how about popovers?
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Bacon & Black Truffle Macaroni & Cheese. This recipe calls for it to be made in individual ramekins. This is super delicious and also very rich so serve it with bitter greens and a nice red wine.

I can't get a link to this recipe, but Mark Bittman has a great recipe for Chicken B'Stilla, which is a Moroccan chicken pie made with phyllo. He has you do it as one big pie, but I'm sure it could be adapted to smaller ones. It's really unusual, not like the chicken pies I'm accustomed to from my Western European heritage. And it is awesomely good. The only recipe I could find on line for individual b'stillas is wayyyyy more labor intensive than the recipe in his book How To Cook Everything.
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Poached pears baked in custard -- artichoke/spinach dip -- fruit "pie" with just a top crust -- individual casseroles with biscuits baked on top?
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Individual buffalo chicken dip. Om nom nom nom
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As much as I don't like the woman, Paula Deen's Tastes Like Lasagna Soup is to die for, and calls for broiling some shredded mozzarella as a finishing touch. Your crock would be perfect for this.
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The concept isn't very different from "individual pot pies," but here's a delicious looking recipe for pancetta, white bean, and chard pot pies that calls for individual soup crocks.
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Gravche Tavche is Macedonia's version of Balkan baked beans, always baked and served in a ceramic crock. Serve it with some good french bread or ciabbatta.
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