Where to get a gift card for cookware?
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Since we are moving soon and already have tons of stuff to move, a couple of family member are considering getting us a gift card for cookware. We have a bunch of cruddy old stuff that we won't be moving, and it'd be great to replace some of these things with items of reasonable quality. However, places like Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table are very expensive. Is there another good choice for a place to shop in person with a gift card? We live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

(And yes -- the family members in question asked us to suggest a place!)
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I got a set of cookware for Christmas last year and am pretty sure (based on brand) that it came from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I'm very happy with it so far, and in general BB&B tends to stock a lot of midrange brands of decent quality, across the board.
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My go to is Amazon for pretty much everything, and I snagged an amazing deal on cookware from there. Before you buy, do the research to find what you want, and chances are you'll get the best price there, especially with holiday shopping season about to commence, and free shipping! In the event of any issues, their customer service is pretty awesome, too.
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Credit Card Gift Card or CASH (preferable) and do your research + buy off brand QUALITY pieces from a restaurant supply. Everything stainless steel heavy bottom or cast iron - no aluminum, please!

Former chef/culinary business owner, here.

I just replaced my AWESOME food mill from an NYC restaurant supply (it was stolen from a gig) with a heavy duty version at 2x the price from Sur La Table. It looks pretty but works shite and I miss miss miss my old European off brand food mill that actually, y'know, worked.

Macy's has decent deals. Can not speak to quality.

Check Amazon for reviews and watch Alton Brown for tips on picking lifetime hardworking pieces.

Good luck.
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Mmm - Walmart and buy a set of Tramontina Tri-Ply! I love this set and in terms of value for cost, it can't be beat. I have cooked with All-Clad, and while All-Clad is noticeably better, Tramontina is the next best thing. We've had this set for ~5 years and it still looks like new and cooks brilliantly.

William Sonoma often has nice discounts. Looks like you aren't anywhere near any of their outlets, but coupons help.

On B3, things tend to be overpriced but the one good reason to buy from them is their amazing return policy. However - you're looking for things you won't have to return, so I wouldn't necessarily suggest B3. Costco has good prices (and the identical return policy) but limited selection, if you're looking for an amazing blender (Blendtec/Vitamix) Costco usually has both. They are $$$ but worth it if you like blending everything. (Will it blend? The answer for me has been YES)
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If I were limited to one place, I'd go with Costco. They don't always have everything, so you might have to eke it out with a few small pieces from elsewhere while you wait for the big stuff to become available.
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Nthing Costco. I love their Kirklland Brand, it's exactly like Calphalon, but incredibly inexpensive for what you get.

Check this out! $149 for every pot and pan you can imagine!

Right before the holidays is the best time to go!
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You can cover most bases with Bed Bath & Beyond plus Amazon (ok, Amazon is not an in-person shop, but why over-pay if you don't have to?).

If they give you Visa gift cards, then you can shop wherever.

I highly recommend signing up for a Cooks Illustrated online subscription -- the equipment reviews are a great resource for sifting between the items that are high-quality and the ones that are just expensive. They don't allow any advertising, so there's no conflict of interest in that respect.
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Response by poster: (Thanks so far! Can you shop at CostCo with only a gift card? I thought I'd heard that they wouldn't let you.)
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Response by poster: (Oops, I wrote that there were several W-S outlets near me, but I was wrong. Just stores. Huh, I don't understand why there's not a single Williams-Sonoma outlet in the state of CA! And wtf "CostCo"...haha.)
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Last time I checked, you could shop at Costco without a membership as long as you had a gift card; best phone your nearest one and ask.
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I'd probably go with BB&B even though I find the shopping experience there not so great. It's such a big unattractive box of a store. BUT they do have a ton of stuff, and if you sign up for their 20% off coupons, you probably won't be able to beat the value.

(I abhor junk mail but hoard BB&B coupons like gold. The email ones have to be used by the expiry date, but the ones you get in the mail do not expire.)
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