Horror movie involving a house that eats people
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A friend of mine, in discussing Flowers in the Attic with her husband, discovered that he thought that title was attached to a very different story. In her words, "a horror movie about a family moving into an awful run-down house and it gradually kills them all and at the end the house is lovely with blooming flowers cuz it is happy and well fed." Obviously this is not Flowers in the Attic, but what IS it? He thinks it was from the 1970s, probably the late seventies, but he can't remember any other details.
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Burnt Offerings?
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Death Bed: The Bed That Eats?

Actually, don't click on that link about the film. Click on this link about the film. You won't regret it.
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I came in to recommend Death Bed! It's most likely not the film you're looking for, but it is hilariously awful.
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Sounds like Rose Red, a miniseries by Stephen King.
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Wasn't The House That Bled to Death, was it?
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Sounds like House, a Japanese horror flick from the late 70s.
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It's definitely absolutely Burnt Offerings!!

Ah, Karen Black. Total genius.
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I sent my friend the Burnt Offerings link and she sent back "yep, that seems likely!" Eight minutes, man, well done AskMe.
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Your friend can watch Burnt Offerings in full here to make sure.
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He has watched it and it is absolutely Burnt Offerings. Thanks, everyone!
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