What question and answer sites have high quality content?
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There are a large number of question and answer sites out there, but very few which provide good answers. The ones I have found that tend to provide good answers are as follows: * StackExchange Network (including StackOverflow) * Ask MetaFilter * Quora * Reddit (on particular sub-reddits such as Ask Science, Ask Historians, Explain Like I'm Five and sometimes Ask Reddit) Are there any other question and answer sites out there with a high quality of questions and answers? I'm particularly interested in finding sites while they are still small
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The Straight Dope message board has a "General Questions" section that's often pretty good.
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This might be taking the idea of "question and answer" website to a ridiculous level, but Kaggle?
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If you expand your purview to specialized-topic forums, there are sites like College Confidential (admissions), Student Doctor Network (premed), Purse Forum (luxe shopping), and You Look Fab (fashion) where people often ask questions and get high-quality answers.
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Chowhound usually does pretty well with food questions.
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ShaveMyFace.com has a warm, welcoming community with a lot of enthusiasm. Very niche, though.
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