New Year's Eve sweet potatoes: can I eat them?
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I made mashed sweet potatoes on New Year's Eve. They've been in the fridge for 9-10 days now, for those not wanting to do the math. They would go great with the bison chili tonight. Can I eat them?

Hey, it's my first "Can I eat this?" AskMe! Standard mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of butter and milk. Made New Year's Eve. Eat or toss?
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I'd chuck 'em.
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Would have gone well with chili -- you're well into the point of major texture and taste changes. I give you permission to taste a bit and not expect to die, but it will be gross.
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I'd toss them, and advise you to do the same.
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Dump em. Rule in my house is five days in the fridge, and out.
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Tossing with regret. Thanks.
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you will poop fire and cry throw them away
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Congratulations on your excellent food choices. Based on your previous post about going low-carb, looks like you're on your way to finding some yummy alternatives to chicken and almonds. Your bison chili would go really nicely over sauteed greens, spaghetti squash, or sauteed cabbage.
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Glad you are throwing them away. But speaking of sweet potatoes: as long as you remember to do it in advance, mashed sweet potatoes are the easiest and healthiest carb accompaniment there is. Just wash; wrap wet clean yams (however many you want) up in a big piece of foil together, throw in oven (no need to preheat the oven) for a couple hours. After this treatment the skins pretty much fall right off and the yams are deeply flavored and caramelized and wonderful and they squish up with just a fork, and don't need anything more, although you can add salt and lemon and cinnamon if you want to gild the lily. My point being, it sucks that you had to throw those out, but if you have more yams in the house, it's barely any work to prepare them.
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Sweet potatoes are like a dollar - just buy some more!
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