I want my mommy
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We're pregnant! For the first time. Just found out this week. I feel the uncontrollable need to watch emotional tear jerker youtube videos about moms/parenthood. Example 1 Example 2. What d'ya got for me, Metafilter?
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Call The Midwife is the obvious choice if you have Netflix. (Though I realize you asked for youtube recs.)
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This ad from British Airways is wonderful and I am totally sobbing. Mazel tov!
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Publix commercials.
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Okay it's a video, but of a song. Helen Reddy's You and Me Against the World. Mom used to sing this to me when I was small. I can't listen to it without wailing...and my mom isn't even gone.
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OK, this is NetFlix rather than YouTube, but: shortly after mr. muffins and I got pregnant, I wound up watching this episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where Chief O'Brien's daughter gets lost in a time-hole and comes out 10 years older. Then he and Keiko have to painstakingly get to know her all over again. It made me cry my eyes out.
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you asked for it
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Seconding Publix....Have Fun
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Give my daughter the shot!!!
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Forever young pampers commercial is great.
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Here's a youtube rec that's a trailer for a movie. Makes me tear up even thinking about it, but I'm a sentimental fool for my (ever growing) babies.
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Famous Monster, and all, you're killing me. We're almost 18 years in and I haven't gotten over this yet. Expect a long (happy) ride. And CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Not sure this one's a tear-jerker, but it's pretty dang cute.
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The P&G Olympics "Thanks Mom" commercial from 2012 is equally tear inducing / awesome.

Here you go.
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Watch this amazing video of a baby being washed by nurses at a hospital in France, set to vaguely Japanese koto spa/new agey music. It shows technique and is incredibly peaceful and beautiful. It probably won't jerk tears, but it will make you feel very zen about your future.
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Going nuclear: Dumbo. "Baby Mine." (Congrats!!)
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Or, I want my daddy. 1:07, and then... 4:14 "here it goes...get ready" O.M.G. Sing it, girl!
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