I'm looking for a photo that was online
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It was a photo of a sculpture created from collected rocks, that formed a dragon's head. The head was not upright, more as if you looked at a sleeping dragon from directly above it. The photo was seen about a two years on Facebook, in one of those photo blogs, though I can't remember any specific or general details about the blog. Any ideas on this photo of sculpture made from collected rocks that formed a dragon's head?
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From here.
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Alas no. That looks like it was carefully carved from a single stone. What I'm thinking of was created by layering many individual stones (that were not shaped or carved to fit together) to make the dragon's head.
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Not just the head, but there is a stone dragon (apparently it's a griffin, but I have always seen it as a dragon) on a hillside outside of Philly.

Link to info and a few photos

Apparently it was inspired by "ancient hill paintings in the British Isles where the thin layer of grass and topsoil was scoured away by ancient tribes to reveal the white chalk below. " So perhaps that will give you some ideas of different terms to search?
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