Cleaned tv screen, lost video completely---even inputs do not appear
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I used a bit of water on a tissue to wipe clean a smear on our small kitchen hdtv. Shortly afterward, we lost the video.

Totally no video. Nothing will appear on the screen, no indication of screen input--video 1, 2, 03 3, etc. Apparently the screen cover was a bit loose, and water must have seeped into the innards. Is this a little like dropping a cell phone into the toilet? There was no total immersion. We put the tv atop a furnace vent overnight to dry it out, but this morning there is still no picture. Suggestions, anyone? Thanks much!
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Make that "video 1, 2, or 3, etc."
posted by ragtimepiano at 9:12 AM on January 10, 2014

This sounds more like a connection issue, rather than a water one. Is it possible that somehow somethings has come loose?
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Is the power even coming on? Any sign of life at all?
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Is it plugged in? Are you sure the outlet works? Was the circuit breaker tripped by any chance?
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Re-adjust the cables leading into the back of the tv.
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Agreed, not a water issue. Screens do this "play dead" thing sometimes if they get the smallest amount of water intrusion-- real drama-screens. Oh, the first time I used windex on a monitor, my heart jumped into my throat! But it turned out fine.

But since you have moved it around, so you're going to have to re-trace cables and reconnect. Sucks, but cheaper than a new TV. Good luck!
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Yes, plugged in, blue "on" light appears, no connection problems with cables as another tv works fine using same cables.
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