Practical guides for heuristic evaluation of Web sites?
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I've been tasked with carrying out a heuristic evaluation of a library Web site - something I haven't done before (and there is no one on hand with more experience to bring in, or funds to hire one). I need some practical guides.

I have a good amount of related theoretical literature. I'm interested in finding practical, how-to guides that provide examples of the ways in which the analysis could be framed as a series of concrete tasks to do / issues to test for. UX / IA / library professionals of MeFi - what do you recommend?
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Abby Covert put together an easy to understand guide that I recommend.
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The Usability Professional Association's Body of Knowledge has a detailed description & How To guide that our team uses.

The main trick is to select the heuristics ... you can start with Jakob Nielsen's article on 10 usability heuristics (and then follow the links in the article).
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