Where to spend wester NYE in Hong Kong?
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Where should we spend western NYE in Hong Kong?

I've seen this answer But am hoping for an update.
We are late 30s Australians on vacation. We're mildly interested in fireworks, but probably not if it requires staking a spot and waiting hours and hours.
We have a budget that could stretch to a higher end restaurant, or similar if necessary, but I think some suggestions of places to check out a bit off beat might be good.
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Lan Kwai Fong, as suggested in an earlier answer is all I can think of. Only fireworks you'll see there would be on TV, I think.
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LKF will be an absolute zoo... if you're down with that, cool, but be forewarned.
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Maybe an outlying island?
Lamma island is pretty fun for drinks
Or Stanley
Or the clubbing area in wanchai
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So for the benefit of future readers:
I asked a few different locals and looked on the web.
Some suggested TST/Avenue of stars as a place to watch the fireworks.
The HK tourist board rep was insistent that TST foreshore would be a poor choice for us, and recommended the city side either side of the convention centre where the ferries tie up. She suggested it would be crammed on the TST side and we would need to arrive mid afternoon to get a spot.
There were a few options for harbour cruises, but I blanched at the idea of spending 5 hours on a boat to see some fireworks.
We ate dinner in Wan Chai and it was no more busy than usual.
We went to the escalator and had a drink or two at a couple of up market bars in the mid levels. There were plenty of people around, but it wasn't crowded.
About 11:30 we headed down to the Central ferry wharfs. There was a steady stream of pedestrians heading this way, but it wasn't over crowded.
Getting closer to midnight a crowd developed rapidly and there were lots of people on the foreshore and raised pedestrian walkways finding a good place to watch.
We grabbed a couple of drinks and snacks from a supermarket and settled in.
The skyline was pretty attractive with the lights ramped up a bit.
At midnight the lights on the ICC building spelled out a count down and everyone nearby cheered.
We shook hands and wished everyone nearby a happy new year and the fireworks started.
Sadly, the focus of the fireworks is quite low in the sky and on the harbour surface in barges.
This meant 2/3rds of the fireworks were obscured by the 2-story ferry piers in front of us.
We wandered toward the Convention Centre to get a better look, but it was a bit uninspiring. The display lasted 8 or 9 minutes.
I have been to fireworks in Sydney Harbour a few times, and by comparison, the Hong Kong display was very modest.
We chatted to a couple from the UK who were flabbergasted that they traveled to be in HK for NYE after seeing pics of the fireworks in past years, and were very disappointed.
So if you are keen on the fireworks, I suggest going to TST, or waiting for Chinese New Year.
After the display, we trundled up to the tram line and caught an uncrowded tram back to our hotel in Causeway Bay. It was a good night out.

My conclusions:
- the locals aren't really into a Western style NYE celebration, and while there were parties and events at night clubs etc. it wasn't that 'big' a night for revelry.
- the crowds are no more than in Sydney or New York, and considerably less intoxicated. And HK is awesome at moving lots of people quickly.
- the fireworks are a bit lame, but if you want to watch them, head to TST.
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Yes, the big fireworks in Victoria Habour are saved for lunar new year, rather than January new year - and the crowds are even worse!
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