A flash cartoon. I saw it. I know I did.
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I give up. I saw a flash cartoon. Maybe, what, ten years ago? There was a miniature king. Birds. Talking birds? It was dream-like. The sound sparse and excellent. I remember the thing being theme-wise pretty dark. I've since looked high and low and have not been able to find it. Any ideas?
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When you say there was a minature king, do you mean that the entire art style was miniature (mini birds, etc), or was the king like Tom Thumb or Thumbelina in that he was mini compared to everyone else, or was he just a very young king?

And did you look at the stuff on new grounds?
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It's a webcomic, not Flash, but your description reminded me of When I Am King.
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I'll have a look through Newgrounds. It seems like the place this might end up.

I remember the king himself being physically small. He was a secondary character. I remember he was encountered in someplace improbable. The kitchen?

This was all during the Camp Chaos and Joe Cartoon era. Completely different in tone though and unrelated; I only mention them to give y'all an idea of when I saw the thing.
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This isn't flash either but you've put me in mind of Run Wrake's Rabbit
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If it weren't for you, Edna, I never would have learned of Run Wrake! Thank you!
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