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Help me find a flash game where you built a spaceship from parts of enemy ships

I'm looking for a flash game I found once. You flew a space ship around an infinite black gridspace, shooting other spaceships. You could then take the parts of the defeated ship and add them on to yours to upgrade it. The only other things I remember are that all the ships were made of glowing neon lines (very minimalist) and there was an option to use your webcam to faintly superimpose your face on the background. Help me find it!
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Best answer: Captain Forever
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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Just for completeness, it's worth noting there's four games there. Captain Forever is the original; Captain Successor added more fun stuff. Captain Impostor is a related game (without the building, IIRC), and there's Captain Jameson in the works now that adds a sort of story and exploration to the basic zapping / ship building game.
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Which is the easiest one? I remember this game, and it kicked my butt pretty quickly.
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Captain Forever is the one that's free, the other ones you have to pay for. I would say that they're worth the current $9 price. Captain Forever is the easiest, Captain Successor is basically an improved version of the same game with more "goodies" available, I found Captain Impostor basically annoying and difficult although it's probably fun for people who are more dexterous than me, and Captain Jameson is shaping up to be interesting (it's still in Alpha) though it's made a bit more difficult than the others due to some extra constraints created by new game features.

Like with most games it can be made a bit easier if you get something like a USB gamepad / joystick and rig it up to the game controls with something like AutoHotkey.
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