Best prepaid plan for iPhone 4s?
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I previously had an android phone and was doing the t-mobile unlimited talk/text/data for $50 a month. Now I have a used iPhone 4s. I've never used anything made by Apple before so I'm a bit confused. From some research, it appears that data network is different and doesn't support 4g the same way so the t-mobile thing I was doing may not be the best way to go? Anyway, does anyone know what is the best deal for a (preferably) prepaid talk/text/data plan for the iphone 4s? Thanks!
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If your iPhone 4S is unlocked (e.g. it works with T-Mobile SIMs), it will work with T-Mobile's network, including 4G in most cities. Mrs. Fireoyster has this kind of iPhone and we use T-Mobile without issue.
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I use Tmobile prepaid; it's the cheapest, as far as i know. The prepaid that I subscribe to just uses talk minutes. I have no data, but the phone is able to use wifi, so there's no real reason for me to pay more for some kind of prepaid data plan.
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I use Virgin Mobil and it's 35$ month for unlimited texts and data (within reason, I assume). LOVE IT! The people are nice to deal with on the phone, cell connectivity is great and if you do the auto debit each month, they knock $5 off (so 30$ for dataplan and phone - pretty frigging decent, IMO)

Don't know, though, if you can use your own phone. I doubt it. I bought mine new through them.
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I'm using this t-mobile prepaid plan with an unlocked iphone 4 that I got on craigslist. 100 minutes of talk plus unlimited text & web. It's great if you don't talk much, but use lots of web/apps when you're out & about. The plan is only available at Walmart or via a pretty hidden link on the t-mobile website & I think it requires that you set up a new phone number to activate it.
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Depends if it's a GSM iPhone (which I'm assuming it is, since you didn't mention leaving T-Mobile) or a CDMA iPhone, which would be a Verizon or Sprint phone. If it's T-Mobile, then look into Simple Mobile. If it's a Verizon phone, Page Plus will work nicely with it.
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If it's a GSM phone, you can use any of the PTel prepaid plans. They're a T-Mobile reseller, so if you're OK with T-Mobile, they're an excellent option.
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Well the first thing is that the iPhone 4S only works on 3G not 4G networks.

Second, there are two types of carriers. Generally, phones made for Verizon and Sprint networks are interchangeable, and phones made for AT&T and T-Mobile are interchangeable. If you want to use the phone on T-Mobile, it will have to have previously been an AT&T or T-Mobile phone. If it was an AT&T phone previously, you may need to "unlock" it although I don't actually know how to do that.
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