Can I use my sister's US Verizon phone in the UK?
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My sister just replaced her US-based Verizon Motorola Droid Razr and I want to know if I can use it in the UK. That is all.
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No. Verizon uses CDMA, not GSM. And the phone is likely locked.
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Actually it looks like the Verizon Droid RAZR might also have a GSM radio for use overseas. Your sister can probably call Verizon and get the unlock code so that it will accept foreign SIM cards.
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I've been able to use my droid in the UK on the global network setting.
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Looks like yes. If you wanted to use it on a US GSM carrier, it would need to be unlocked, but since this is a 4G "Global Ready" phone, it does not need to be unlocked to be used on foreign GSM carriers (see point 11 here).
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Another yes- I've used mine all over Europe and the UK, with non-American SIM cards, of course.
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Here's some useful posts from a discussion on a forum about how to use the Droid RAZR overseas from a year or so ago. They helped me out when I was figuring out what settings to change with new SIM cards.
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I want to reiterate that Verizon will routinely unlock phones for international use. You have to have been on contract for something like six weeks, then you call and get an unlock. Worked great for my iPhone! Verizon's international voice + data roaming prices aren't terrible if she already has a Verizon GSM SIM and just wants casual use ($25 / 100MB). But unlocking the phone and using a local SIM ($10 / 1000MB or cheaper) will save a whole lot of money if she wants to use the phone much.
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