Location Ideas for Wedding Photos in Brooklyn - Winter Edition
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My sister will be getting married next month, Yeah! She doesn't know where to take her post-wedding/pre-reception pictures, Boo! Does anyone have any cool spots they know of in Brooklyn to take some wedding shots?

So the wedding and reception are taking place at the Green Building which is in Brooklyn close to the Gowanus / Carroll Gardens. She wants to take pictures someplace convenient to the location, but isn't too cliched or gross (standing by the Gowanus canal counts as gross for her and taking pictures in Brooklyn Bridge Park would count as cliche). Does anyone have any ideas for good spots to take pictures in the area during the winter? If you have an idea for a great location that would be a minor distance, we will have vehicles available to shuttle us around to places if needed.
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This is not near Gowanus at all, but the Manhattan Bridge has tons of really cool graffiti, if she's into something like that.
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Valentino Park and Erie Basin Park (also known as Ikea Park) have nice views and landscaping - they're not quite a quick walk from the Green Building, but they'd be a short drive.
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Tom Otterness' sculpture studio is nearby! Maybe you can arrange for a studio visit?
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Prospect Park Peristyle
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Old Stone House
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Green-Wood Cemetery. Gorgeous and intriguing, not morbid!
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