seeking xmas workout place in Portland OR
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I'm visiting NE Portland for the holidays and want to be able to work out. I've called several nearby gyms and none of them offer day passes, they're all members only. Where should I go to burn off all the holiday eatings?
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Have you considered just signing up for a free trial membership at the Lloyd Athletic Club? I guess it's technically for folks thinking of joining the club, but...

Otherwise, the Dishman Community Center has drop in for $5. I think it's technically for 'portland residents only' but I don't think they check your ID. You could call ahead to check.
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I was also going to suggest Matt Dishman Community Center, which is part of Portland Parks & Recreation. They may have a different rate for non-residents. They're open 5:30am to 9pm most days, closed on New Year's Day and closing early on New Year's Eve. They have workout equipment as well as a pool.
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I asked the front desk person at Dishman if they had non-resident rates and they told me that the rates are the same whether you're a Portland resident or not. So I guess I'm thirding Dishman.
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Many gyms have reciprocal day-pass plans with each other, so if you are a member of a gym in your area I would ask them about it.
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Have you checked the hotel you are staying at? Most have exercise rooms.
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