Looking for MacBook keyboard outline template
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I'm searching for a size-accurate outline image of a unibody MacBook keyboard (basically an accurate diagram/wireframe). For this outline file, any format will work, although Vector (.ai, .svg, etc.) would be ideal. I've tried googling but the results tend to be photorealistic images with broad outlines, shadows, etc. I'm looking for a technical drawing like a blueprint. The goal is to make custom keyboard covers with multiple languages by die-cutting and laminating paper; these would be one piece, hence the need for precision. I'm thinking there must be an diagram of MBP keyboards one on the web somewhere... Any advice on where to find one would be highly appreciated. (As far as I know, the keyboard layout is the same for all models except the 11 inch/Air.) Thanks in advance.
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This page appears to have what you want, for a similar project
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Are you planning on mass producing this product or making just a couple? If it's the later, I know people who have used this (or products like it) to set up their computers for video editing.
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Response by poster: adamrice: Thanks for the link but the diagram on that page is not precise. (The key spacing is not consistent, and wrong keys are shown on the right hand side.)

phil: Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of that too but the idea is to create a template for a printed cover that can be made in small quantities for different languages on-demand. This approach gives precision (typed characters rather than handwritten) without committing to a large run.

I also thought of stickers, but covers have the benefit of being removable.
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