How can I make a baby doll look like HR Giger's Alien?
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For a costume I need an alien. I would like to take a plastic baby doll, maybe 16", and modify it to look like an alien, preferably HR Giger's Alien from Alien.

I have no idea how to do this. I could color the doll's body green for a sort of generic alien, but I want it to be immediately recognizeable as an alien while also retaining its baby doll identity. I am crafty and can get access to crafty-type things.

I know this is a bit vague, and I'm leaving it so on purpose because like I said, I don't even really know where to start with this. So how would you turn a baby doll into an Alien?
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Spray it gunmetal or silver + dark stain, or a metallic copper hue, then glue scrap metal. It'll look more Gigeresque.
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This post a out creating an Alien costume for a child maybe useful
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Giant flat black eyes over the doll eyes would be the thing that says "this is an alien baby" loudest. You could probably cut them out of any reflective or black material and then glue them on. Depending on the material you might need to put some padding over the doll's eyes first to get the right shape.
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Giger used a lot of repeating stencils with his airbrush in the biomechanical art that led up to the Alien project (run a google image search for H R Giger New York to get an idea). Fold-cut-unfold paper snowflake techniques would be a decent way to make your own stencils, especially if you folded like a fan rather that radially.
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I would toss the doll's head, sculpt an Alien head with Sculpey, and put that on the doll body. (Or maybe you could find an Alien toy of the right size, cut off that head and glue to the baby doll body.) For the doll body, I would paint it black and attach metal parts... or I might add on the monster ribs and stuff using air-drying clay.

The design of the Alien head is such that I think you could come up with a decent lookalike even if you've never sculpted. At its most basic, it's just a big black sausage with with a mouthful of teeth, and a tube running along each side.
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