Identify a film musical featuring a song about Rin Tin Tin
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Can you identify a classic film musical about a woman who meets a guy that turns out to be a film star? It includes a big song/dance built around people at a party name-dropping film stars, but the heroine only being able to remember the name "Rin Tin Tin".

It's an American film musical, in colour but fairly old. It was shown to be by a film professor, so it might not be particularly famous, but the production values were high.

The only section of the film I can remember clearly happens in a party packed with film stars and producers. The guy is drawn away to chat with his famous buddies, the woman is left as a fish out of water in a cliquey, high-class party. People start gossiping about and name-dropping (real, contemporary) film stars. This segues into a big song and dance number, built around the recurring gag that the only famous name our heroine can remember to drop is "Rin Tin Tin".
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I don't remember the "Rin Tin Tin" line myself, but everything else about the scene sounds like "Sweet Charity."
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It's Bells Are Ringing!
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The song is Drop A Name.. What a coincidence, just watched this last week after a reccomendation on Ask Metafilter.
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Yep, it's Bells Are Ringing! I'd actually considered that and dismissed it; somehow I'd convinced myself that the romantic plot was separate from the rest of the film. Thanks, both of you!

"Sweet Charity" was a completely reasonable guess based on the fragments I could remember, so thanks for that too!
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