Great Red Shark Blues
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I'll have time to waste in California in February and have set my mind on enjoying a Hunter S. Thompson memorial road trip to Las Vegas. Trouble is, it's proving surprisingly hard to find someone who'll rent me a Great Red Shark to do so. What can I do?

It seems like I'm specifically looking for a red Chevrolet Caprice convertible of appropriate vintage, but in a pinch any convertible with adequate horsepower and proper coloring (and Nixonian vintage) will have to do. What are your recommendations, oh hive mind? I'd like to start from Los Angeles, but I'll be in the Bay Area before and am willing to go to moderate lengths to make this happen.
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You could buy one and resell it afterwards, though that's probably a length beyond 'moderate.' I think you'd have to get very lucky to do it any other way.
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The modern great red shark is a convertible ford mustang. Easily rentable through like 85% of LA car rentals. Good luck and as your attorney I advise you to kick some ass on your trip.

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