Dog-proof beanbag chairs?
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Do you have destructive dogs? Do you have beanbag chairs that have survived the attentions of your destructive dogs? Please tell me the brand and where you bought them (online shopping preferred). Alternately, general advice on which material(s) are particularly impervious to chewing and dog pee would also be appreciated. Thanks!
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I know this isn't the direction you're hoping to get, but have you tried re-directing your dog's attention, like a variety of chew toys (link to "chewtoys" AskMe tag)?

Otherwise, here's a 2008 thread on dog-proof furniture. Though it lacks any suggestions for beanbag chairs, there are discussions of slipcovers, which would be more about the general material than they are about the shape of the cover.
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I can't give any furniture recommendations, but have you tried Bitter Apple spray to discourage chewing?

One of my dogs was a HUGE chewer, but he could not stand that stuff at all. After a while we were able to just refill the bottle with water because even just that sprayed on something would keep him away!
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If your dog is like mine, he goes right for the seams and can pop open a cushion/pillow/stuffed toy in no time. It's amazing. I have yet to find a material he cannot shred in seconds. I don't think you'll have any luck trying to find tougher furniture. I think you need to rely on better training.

Both of my dogs are chewers, one way more than the other - ever since they were pups. We have a whole box of toys and bones for them to chew on. Whenever the dogs start to chew on something we don't want them to - the remote, shoes, the sofa - we just calmly grab a toy and redirect them to chew on that. They generally just grab a toy from the box now, and we rarely have trouble with them chewing on something they shouldn't.

If you are leaving the dog unsupervised, you might consider crating or kenneling the dog when you are gone.
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I never had any long-term dog visitors when I had my LoveSac, but did host one now and then, as well as having a few resident cats, and never had any problems. It was resistant to cat scratching. They're sturdy, and the covers are removable (and can therefore be washed.) I had good results with the microsuede fabric, but they also have a sport utility cover that's more water-resistant. The microsuede's sufficiently water resistant that I never had any problems with regular spills getting through, and it didn't hold much pet hair.

I think the problem you'll have with resistance to dog pee is that to completely avoid the risk of dog pee getting into the (not at all easily washable) inside of your bean/foambag, you'd have to have a plastic liner. Which would make the bag not breathable, crinkly, hot, and uncomfortable. I'd suggest doubling up on the cover layers if that's possible. It should give you plenty time to blot/remove/wash in case of accidents, so that the liquid doesn't reach the center.
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Unfortunately, behavioral solutions and kenneling are not options because they are more my husband's dogs than mine. I am not around them enough to enforce anything, I can't make my husband train them, and I'm sick to death of fighting with him about the dogs.

I'm asking about beanbag chairs because we need something low-to-the-ground because the dogs will jump on the furniture and could hurt their backs jumping on and off regular height couches and chairs (they are miniature dachshunds). So I'd consider any other low-to-the-ground comfortable seating if there's something out there that's more dog-proof than beanbag chairs.
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Maybe someone out there can correct me, but it was my understanding that dachshunds pretty much just pee on and destroy things, and training can only do so much. That said, maybe a cheaper option at this time would be some sort of pallet-on-ground with cushions on it, sort of a middle eastern feeling seating arrangement, whose individual cushions could be easily washed/replaced? This sort of thing.

I've sat on some floor cushion arrangements that were quite comfy and some that went slipping and sliding, so this would take a little more work than finding a good piece of furniture or two. Still, it might be more sustainable in the long long run to have something slip cover able.

Or, a friend of mine just filled her front room with inflatable exercise balls. Instant furniture!
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I think part of the problem is going to be that bean bags have qualities that are enticing to dogs. They're squishy, made of fabric, and have nice chewable chunky seams.
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Do you have any way of sewing something? I would go to a fabric store and buy some canvas or other strong fabric. It wouldn't take much sewing skill to make a big pocket, and then just slide any bean bag in. Makes it easy to remove for washing too.

Good luck. I have the same problem, but with bigger dogs. :-/
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Our old LoveSac stood up to at least three generations of rather destructive dogs. They are seriously sturdy. They sell the covers separately, so if you don't want the memory foam you could always buy the cover and put it over a different bean bag chair.
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(I totally missed the fact that the 2008 thread was posted by you. My apologies for not reading more carefully.)
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If your current slipcovered furniture is working for you and the only reason you're looking to replace it is because there is concern about the demon-dogs injuring themselves on it, you should consider doggy-stairs instead. But if they've destroyed your current furniture and you're looking for another set, you might just be better off finding the cheapest you can find, assuming it will only last for a year, and buy some doggy-stairs and heavy canvas scotchguarded slipcovers to reuse over and over through the years.
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filthy light thief: I totally forgot that I had posted that 2008 thread! :O
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These are deeply, deeply stupid dogs who will jump off the back of a couch instead of from the lower seat area so I expect they'd probably skip the doggy stairs on the descent too. We've already spend a LOT of money on back surgery for one of them so it's not a risk we can afford to take. :(
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I have a 6-foot Comfy Sack. I also have a greyhound who nests, digs, scratches, and occasionally pees, on his bedding. Did I mention that he firmly believes that the beanbag is "his bedding"? My guy is not a chewer, only a digger, but I have been surprised by his complete failure to put a hole in the Comfy Sack's (microsuede) cover after four years of nesting in it. I believe Comfy Sacks has canvas and corduroy covers available too, which would be more durable than the microsuede. The CS does have a liquid-resistant liner and a machine-washable cover, though four years of occasional accidents that mayyyybe didn't get cleaned up immediately means that the liner is stained now and some of the foam is, er, scented.

The height of the 6' sack (which is the minimum size I'd recommend if you intend to use it as a couch for humans) might be a problem for your dogs, though, depending on how often you fluff and how quickly it gets smooshed down. Freshly fluffed, my beanbag is high enough that the greyhound has to take a bit of a flying leap to get onto it, and he's probably eight dachshunds high. However, beanbags are eminently smooshable, and if you give it a good belly flop after fluffing, it should render it low enough to the ground for doxies.
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