One woman pyjama party
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If I have nothing much to do on a Sunday, I like to have a bath and spend the day in a pair of pyjamas, preferably while watching telly and sewing. Where can I get some awesome pyjamas that fulfill all my annoying fit requirements?

So at the moment, I have a few pairs of cotton separates from Primark. These tend to shrink and wear out fairly quickly, and while I'm not leaving the house in them, I also don't want to look like I've given up on life. Unfortunately, I'm not standard sized in pretty much any area, and so I've never found anything more durable that works.

What I need:
- must accommodate a large bust (I wear a bra with my PJs if it's a PJ day because braless is not an option) - most button-down tops will not button up comfortably over my chest
- will fit a UK size 18
- will fit someone with long legs and torso
- not shorties on the bottom as they feel too much like underwear to be comfortable to spend the day in
- preferably not made from artificial fibres because I don't like the way they feel on my skin - non-cotton flannel is OK, fleece isn't
- preferably not crazily priced, as there's only so much I want to spend on things that won't leave the house. £30 or so is OK.
- our flat is pretty cold in the winter, so warm is good!
- I am pro novelty-prints and colours, and not so pro wearing something that will make me look like a maiden aunt.
- Men's PJs are OK (I'm 5ft10 so they will fit me fine) as long as they aren't too dull or shapeless.

Also, I am in the UK, so if it's only available in the US, I'll have to wait until I plan a holiday there or factor in having to spend a lot on customs fees. Sigh.

Thanks PJ people!
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I also have long legs and hate synthetics, and I ended up deciding to sew my own. It's pretty easy to do even if you don't have much in the way of skills (I don't) because tailoring isn't a big issue. I just took cheap old PJs that were in a material I hated, pulled them apart, and copied them (plus a few inches on the legs) to cotton and flannel.
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I did briefly wonder about sewing my own, but given the cost of fabric here, I'd rather buy myself a pair unless I spot a good deal on some nice flannel.
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Are you willing to ship from Australia? I love Peter Alexander pajamas. (Doesn't solve your customs problem though)
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(and they have nonstop sales, as far as I can tell from my subscription to their mailing list -- I'd subscribe if you have a chance and you're interested)
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I find M&S and BHS good for pyjamas - decent quality and inexpensive. Both have various leg lengths and sizes available. The pairs I have aren't fun, but are perfectly serviceable without straying into nana territory.

I too love Peter Alexander, but with customs and brokerage fees will be out of your price range.
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Okay I don't know how durable they are but at Tesco the other day I saw pajamas that fit all those requirements (under £30, probably about £15, flannel and cotton, long trousers, novelty prints, sized at least to 18 and they looked like they ran big) but I don't know if they'd be long enough for you. I was tempted to buy a pair and aside from the size my requirements are the same as yours but sizing was an issue--I needed a smaller size than my usual and these were all gone, probably from other people also sizing down, but this could work in your favour.
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These Boden ones are amazing - a bit pricier than you were looking for, but super comfy, warm, and they fit my 5'9", long-legged, busty frame very well.

Something else you might consider (this is what I do on "jammie" days) is a pair of really nice flannel bottoms paired with a thermal top. It makes me feel nice and cozy, and the top helps me stay warm.
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Bigger is better than smaller - I'm a 16/18 but I tend to buy the 18/20 size in Primark as they tend to be longer and bigger round the bust. I have some awesome Muppet ones from there (they are these ones, which seem to be offered by a reseller) and it makes me sad that they won't actually last too long. Also, that the experience of shopping there is an annoying-to-terrifying hassle.
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FYI Peter Alexander run really small. They are not made for the plus size crowd, and they don't have winter stock out right now (being as it's summer here in Australia). When I was a size 18, nothing in his store fit me (and I don't have a big bust). Now I'm a 14, some styles I still have issues with, funnily enough. However, it looks like they may possibly carry bigger sizes now, so it seems on the web site.

Instead, I hear Cyberjammies is good. And I think Esprit UK does PJs in a size 18. There's also Hush.

For the problem with the bust with button up tops, what I do is wear a large/oversized cotton Henley as the top, and then if I get cold, I sleep with the flannel top over it, unbuttoned, like a jacket. Kind of like this picture.
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As I'm big bust - proportionately smaller waist - big hips, and I don't need them to fit me in the same way clothing does, I wonder if specific plus ranges might be easier even if I am an inbetweenie. My bust means I don't always fit into the same clothing that the rest of me does, which makes something being sold as a set tricky to fit.

Cyberjammies have a lovely teal check pair, but their inside leg is 29" which is four inches shorter than mine. Thermal socks are all very well until one sits down.
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Just for future reference, if you do get to the states, Vermont Flannel makes amazing pajamas. The pair I have are on year 4 and I love them.
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Oh gosh, my current total ♥ favorites are these M&S pyjamas (unfortunately, they did come in a set when I bought them; "Pure Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Bow Print Pyjamas," in case the page goes missing; alt pic). I bought them this fall, and I'm kind of freaking out that I didn't buy three or four, as I worry I won't find them again – though if not I'll look for something similar from M&S.

The top is thin(ish), light and "stretchy," not constricting, and the 3/4 sleeves are wonderful. I buy a size or two larger because I cannot tolerate feeling elastic around my waist, or feeling the top pull at all at my shoulders or elbows at all (and pretty much every button top is a no-go for these reasons or another). Both the top and bottom on this are super comfortable to me, and I also don't look like a clown when I wear them, since they are relatively low-key, pattern-wise. I highly recommend if you find them, but if not, look for a similar construction at M&S. Light, but not too light (I don't have a problem with them in winter), cotton pants part, light stretchy pull over scoop neck top. These are pretty heavenly to me. (Also, I think I paid like 15 Euros. Best PJs ever.)

I can't tell about the fabric of the top for sure, but this "Pure Cotton Star Print Pyjamas" set might be pretty much the same construction as mine, except full sleeves.
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Do you need to wear pyjamas? I'm asking because around here we don't a lot, really. Of course, we're expecting a low of 20c at Christmas ...

Mostly what passes for pyjamas around here are a hodge podge of comfortable. Cotton flannel or cotton thermal "lounge pants" (trousers) and a comfortable long-sleeved tee shirt, thermal shirt, henley style shirt. They aren't matchy-matchy of the same material, but they coordinate well.

My nephews are huge Doctor Who fans, so this year they are getting from me Doctor Who lounge pants put out by teen outfitter Hot Topic that are a light knit decorated with logos, and a thermal layering shirt that coincidentally is the right "blue" to go with the pants. If I'd been crafty enough, I would have done some trapunto stitching on them to replicate the Police Box on the tops but time got away from me.

I mention lounge pants (trousers?) only because in the US, anything sold as "pyjamas" for children (and some times adults) are usually treated with toxic but not yet banned flame-retardant chemicals. Lounge clothes and layering clothes generally are not, though one is cautioned to not go around guidelines by using lounge clothes as pyjamas, etc etc (whatever - doesn't worry me).

Huh, looks like they are called "lounge pants" there, too. Pair with a similar thermal top ...
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There is such a thing as separates for PJs. You can get a range of bottoms that you can either pair with long sleeved t-shirts of your choice or else specific PJ tops from same range. So I'd explore that as alternative. M&S does great sleep wear. As do Tesco and Sainsburys.
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tilde - I'm wearing them as 'loungewear', not to sleep in. Unless it's really cold.
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