Looking for a cheaper replacement for the Lo&Sons OG
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I'd like something almost exactly like the Lo&Sons OG gym and travel bag — something that includes a laptop sleeve, pockets, and the additional strap to hold it on a rolling suitcase. Ideally, it would be professional-looking enough to carry to job interviews. Unfortunately, I'm also working with a graduate student budget. Any suggestions?
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What's your budget? Urban Junket and Clark & Mayfield have bags under $200 that fit your criteria, but Lo & Sons currently have a 25% sale on, which brings the OG down to ~$220.
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I have the Gaiam Everything Fits bag and it's pretty good. My one complaint is that the shoulder drop is not enough for me (if only it was adjustable) and it doesn't have that strap to attach it to a rolling suitcase (though you could probably wrap the straps around the rolling suitcase). And it really does fit a lot of stuff. I would use it more often but for the shoulder drop issue and I try to minimize how often I carry around that much stuff. There's also the Gaiam Metro Gym bag, which looks similar to the Everything Fits bag. Don't know if either are nice enough to bring to a job interview - guess it depends on your field - but I don't think I would hold it against someone.
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I haven't seen anything that looks exactly like the O.G. (I've had my eye on it for a while), but this Samsonite bag is professional and has the laptop sleeve, some pockets, and the piggyback strap.
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If your budget is super low, you could hit up TJ MAxx and Marshalls as they usually have a pretty decent bag section this time of year.
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I just saw this bag on ebags.com and it meets a lot of your criteria.
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