Version of Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer with 'Callback' Lyrics
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I am trying to find a good, actually any version, of Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer, with 'callback' or 'kid's addition' lyrics. For example, "They never let poor Rudolph (Rudolph)/ Join in any reindeer games (like Monopoly)". I have searched, unsuccessfully, on iTunes and Google Play, for such a version. Any recommendations? I am sure there are plenty out there but I'm just not finding any.
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If you search "rudolph, the red nose reindeer kids" in itunes, you'll get at least two: one by "Children's Christmas Favorites" with a pic of a snowman as the cover and one by the Kidz Bop Kids. Both have the additional lyrics.
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Although, you are in NZ, your results may be different than mine. Here's the Kidz Bop and Children's Christmas Favorites on Amazon.
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daninnj Thank you so much for the prompt response. As you alluded to in your second reply I have fallen foul of geo-blocking restrictions. Neither versions you mention appear in my iTunes Store. And when I try to purchase either versions on Amazon, I get the message about purchases being restricted to US Customers only. It does help explain why I haven't been able to easily find versions at legitimate Internet sites.
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Since my kids outgrew Hi-5, I thought I'd never have to hear this again. But here it is, for your listening pleasure.

Don't know if it's on iTunes because iTunes and this laptop don't talk nicely to each other, but surely there's a Hi-5 CD out there somewhere looking for a new home.
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I'm at work and can't check due to work fliters, but something tells me Sharon Lois and Bram did a version like this with the "LIKE A LIGHT BULB!" stuff was sung.
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John Denver did this. He did a ton of Christmas albums, and I'm not sure which one, but his version has kids doing all the callbacks.
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Came in to mention the John Denver version. It's here on youtube.
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Thank you all very much - the John Denver is just perfect for what I was looking for.
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