Anyone have a compilation of lax movie security guard clips?
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IE: The guy is watching something funny on TV while on his security monitors there are intruders entering...etc etc
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Are you looking for a pre-made compilation or just suggestions of movies that have this trope?

If it's the latter, Hackers has this.
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It looks like the Surveillance Station Slacker TV Trope has a couple of examples of this.
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I can't imagine someone's already made a compilation of these, so I'll suggest the guard in Die Hard watching a Notre Dame-USC game (which apparently shouldn't take place on Christmas Eve).
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Thanks everyone. I guess ideally I was thinking of a pre-made compilation, but the other answers are great, too.
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The airport security guards watching the rocker strip on TV while the little kid runs past them in Love Actually.
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Toys has a truly idiotic version of this where they produce an entire music video to distract the guards.
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Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but here's some artwork from a Vampire: the Eternal Struggle CCG card that illustrates this (actually the guard has been put to sleep by the magical powers of the 3-eyed vampire, but it's along those lines): Gift of Sleep

Bonus: There's an Easter Egg contributed by me in this art :)
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Here is a security guard almost rueing the day he was lax in his duties, but instead choosing to defend himself.
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Without wanting to give away spoilers, a recent fantasy movie involving a barefoot and short hero had such a scene...
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