Infinity Scarf for Men
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Is it possible to wear an infinity scarf for men INSIDE of a jacket/coat?

I am thinking about buying an infinity scarf for my brother as a gift. It is a small one sort of like this (not miles of bulky fabric). However, I know his style - he likes to wear scarves, but he wears them under his jacket (he doesn't wear them on the outside). Its ok that some of it is exposed at the top, but he mostly likes to put on his scarf and then his coat over the top (vs. something like this which appears is worn after your jacket is on).

Just curious if it looks ok to wear this style under a coat...
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I'm a lady and can't speak to guy fashion, but I do this all the time with my infinity scarves. If you wear a coat over one, it looks like a regular scarf.
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Best answer: Of course! I love scarves, but I hate bulk, so I wear the infinity-type scarves with my winter coat all the time. The bonus for me is that I don't have to take it off if I don't want to when I remove my coat, because it's also meant to be worn on its own.
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Response by poster: Great to hear!!

The infinity isn't too bulky under the jacket, is it?

For now, all of the types he wears are usually like this (which can be laid flat). I was wondering if the infinity would be too bulky at the top of his coat (and he will most likely be wearing these under a winter coat - not a suit jacket like in the image), but I wanted to show the "flat" type of scarf he normally wears now (this would be his first 'thick' or bulky/bunchy scarf). Make sense?
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That infinity scarf in the picture would fit well under a coat -- but the one in the picture is basically t-shirt material and won't keep him very warm. YMMV, YWMV (your weather may vary).
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As to whether it will look good that has more to do with his demeanor and personal style. If he has the confidence to "where it well" and an eye to matching it with appropriate styles, it should look fine.

If he's used to wearing scarves and dressing well, I'm confident that he'll have a use for it.
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Your first link is a fashion scarf. Your second link is a warm winter scarf.

Which are you shopping for? The former isn't going to keep him very warm, and it really takes the right kind of guy to pull off. The latter would be fine under a coat, but, again, it's a warm winter scarf clearly meant for frigid weather.
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If that light-weight scarf is made of something like a wool jersey or the Heattech material Uniqlo use, it could be quite nice.

I frequently layer scarves when it's cold. I might wear something like that lightweight infinity scarf under my jacket for appearance and for comfort while indoors (I run chilly, in general), then add a heavier, warmer one around my neck and shoulders when I put my coat on to go out.
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I think it's a bad idea. Infinity scarves aren't as versatile for how one can wear them, and he clearly has a system for wearing scarves already. Get him something really long and nice made of cashmere or merino or alpaca in a color/pattern that you think he ought to have.
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You might want to look for a cowl style vs. an infinity scarf. In order to get the wraps to keep him warm with an infinity scarf it'll need to be bulky. Here in Northern Utah a lot of guys wear cowls under their jackets. I don't have any links to ones you can buy, but here are a few knitting patterns that illustrate what I mean:

Neck Gaiter
Swampfield Cowl
Distinguished Gentleman's Neck Warmer
The Scholar Collar
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Best answer: Instead of an infinity scarf, which might be bulky under a suit, what about a Buff, perhaps in merino wool? Lots of colors, styles, fabrics, and wearing options, and they're available from a lot of different sources.
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Response by poster: Excellent idea!

What about a Buff Infinity in Merino wool. Doesn't seem too bulky at all and it looks like it can easily be worn under a winter coat...

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That looks awesome! Get the Buff Infinity in tiedye cream.
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