Do I NEED a personal trainer or is there an online resource?
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Want to work out to facilitate a great deal of weight loss. Currently "holiday poor" and can't afford a personal trainer, but want to maximize my workout. Member of a gym. Is there a good web site that can help me plan workout routines and give me examples of workouts to do?

I had a personal trainer in the past who spent most of my time lifting weights to build muscle, and some cardio. I saw her 3-4 times per week and it seemed to be 75% weight training, 25% cardio, intervals, etc.

I don't need a trainer for motivation, but I feel I need guidence at a gym. Otherwise i just go and do about an hour spread across the elliptical, treadmill, and bike.

With weights I worry slightly about determining how much to lift and having correct form as to not hurt myself, but I have found some videos online that show me how to do specific lifting. What I can't find is a good web site to help me plan it out.

I am a member of Snap Fitness, which claims to offer this type of online functionality, but the site it took me to was Truestar Health which seemed pretty limited in what it was offering in the way of activities.

I was wondering if someone had found online success with a good workout planner they could suggest.
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There are a few extremely tried and true weight training programs for novices that you can follow for the price of the book (the nuts and bolts are available online if you search, but I always recommend getting the books because they'll have more advice about form and training intelligently). The ones I would recommend (your choice, do not follow more than one at the same time!) are:

Starting Strength
New Rules of Lifting and/or New Rules of Lifting for Women

Good luck!
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All the info you need to get started can be found on this page.
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If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can consider this app:
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Visit for examples of nearly every exercise you can think of and their program builder, /r/fitness for general advice, and the Newbie Program Picker linked in the sidebar at /r/fitness.

Of course, you can't outrun a bad diet, so you might want to visit /r/loseit for advice and moral support.
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Sworkit is a personal trainer in your pocket! They post suggested workouts for the week on their Facebook page.
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if you have a smartphone, the Nike Training Club app has routines you can easily follow at the gym. it includes audio cues to tell you when to switch exercises, and videos to show you how to do the exercise. it's free.
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