A better Dappered for affordable men's streetwear.
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A previous question about affordable men's style generated a recommendation for Dappered. Dappered has helped in a couple of cases, but its glib self-importance, aspirational posturing, and adolescent dating advice (from a real, live woman!) make me feel like I'm reading a 19-year-old's advice for the varsity jacket crowd. What are some alternatives that do stick to a similar, relatively sensible budget and don't descend into tedious aspirational window-shopping, as many other fashion and consumer design blogs do?
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I honestly think Reddit's /r/malefashionadvice is a great resource. It does trend towards a certain look at any given time, and it's very USA-centric, but imo the newbie-friendly attitude and fairly great moderation make for one of the most useful communities on reddit. Their subreddit wiki also has links to many of their well-written specific guides.

They also have a good long list of blogs, of which Put This On is probably the most respected.

/r/frugalmalefasion is the reddit go-to place for sales and advice on affordable dressing. It's a bit more unstructured than MFA though.

The two other most well respected communities are Styleforum and Superfuture's forum, though both are less friendly, and less tolerant of low budgets in my experience.
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Magnakai already covered everything I would suggest, but I wanted to add a note: this might be the wrong time of year to be looking for blogs without "tedious aspirational window-shopping" (I love that phrasing), as pretty much every blog is going to be doing "gift guides" for the holidays.
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Seconding everything Magnakai said.

I discovered Dappered a few years ago when I first started to care about my clothing, around the start of university. It was a good resource when getting started, but I agree that the tone is a bit off-putting, so I've mostly stopped reading it.

Put This On is absolutely my favorite. It's not always affordable stuff, but it's much better at helping you understand the subtleties and rationality behind classic menswear and tailoring. Very informative. And they're Ebay roundups are really great.

I like The Sartorialist, too. I wouldn't wear half of the outfits posted there, but I often find them to be great inspiration.

Styleforum is obnoxious, but it can be a good resource once in awhile.

For finding affordable style, /r/frugalmalefashion is good, though quite honestly, I just subscribe to the email lists of the handful of stores I usually buy from so that I'm aware of sales that are happening. Meanwhile, I keep a list of all the things I want/need, and when they go on sale, I buy them. It's a good system, and it prevents impulse buying.
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Another angle is lifting brand names from those sites and dropping them into eBay, refining for size.

Yesterday there was an AskMe post about "where to find the best men's scarf". One person suggested a Burberry cashmere scarf, which costs $395.00 new from Nordstrom. I thought to myself "no fucking way would a scarf hold more value than a playstation" and looked on eBay for Burberry cashmere scarves. Turns out you can get some of the same styles with the same lengths for $98.00 instead of $395.00.

That sort of thing makes eBay a valuable fashion weapon for today's battlefield. But only if you have a tailor you trust for the alterations.
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Art of Manliness
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