Help me source a delicious yet terribly obscure honey!
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I recall with aching longing the taste of a honey that is only sourced from wild hives up in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Help me find it, or something like it, in the US.

When I was in Fez several years back I purchased a quantity of carob honey, as described in this NYTimes article. This was the loveliest honey I ever tasted, with a deep toffee-like flavor that was slightly bittersweet. Unfortunately it was accidentally discarded. I've been trying to find another source for it in the US, but so far I've only found one importer, which appears to no longer be operational. Searching for carob honey gave me only carob recipes with honey, which is very much not what I want.

Ideally there would be some Middle Eastern market in the US that stocks it or could be willing to order it from the one market that sells it in Fez, but if not I am willing to try substitutes. Has anyone here tasted anything similar, preferably accessible in the NYC area? Is my only option to brush up on my lackluster Arabic and call up the Moroccan merchant myself?
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Seems to be available in the UK.

With the caveat that I haven't tasted carob honey, consider trying the more easily available tawari honey from New Zealand. It's a coppery-brown honey with a moderately strong and slightly bittersweet flavor.

Alternatively, since carob is a legume, maybe try single-plant honey varieties from various acacias.
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Anyway, reporting back with successful results! I ordered the honey from Wild About Honey, and they managed to ship it to me in two days, which is highly impressive considering the distance. The flavor was as deep and bittersweet as I remember, though the texture was a bit thicker--not a big deal, all things considered. If you're looking for an obscure honey that they happen to stock, and can stomach the £18 shipping cost to the US (it seems to be a flat rate though), I highly recommend buying from them.
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