How to have beer delivered in Ukraine?
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I want to thank co-workers in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine by sending them some high quality beer. Is there a store or service that would accept an order by credit card and deliver to their door?
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Are you asking for a Ukrainian store that sells beer online and delivers to remote customers? Or are you asking for a general courier service? For the latter, try Meest/Міст. The page is in Ukrainian, but you can click on the US flag icon for another page in Ukrainian.
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You're almost certainly better off finding someone who can pick up a case and deliver it. Googleing "Dnepropetrovsk beer" turned up The Loft - a nice-looking "gastropub". Here's their facebook page. They look like there's someone there who speaks English. I'll bet you can work something out a delivery. If that doesn't work, try a local hotel. For the right price they can send a cab to buy some beer and bring it wherever you want.
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