least visible/ugly power extension codes?
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least visible/ugly power extension cords?

long story short, I just moved into a studio apartment and they chose most retarded locations for power outlets in the main room, which means i have to wire around extension cables to use several of my electronics including phone and DSL.

i am looking for thin, very invisible and not so ugly power extension codes to do the job (unless wireless power extension box is available??).

my room walls are painted white if this information helps.

yes, getting a permission from the landlord, opening up a hole and creating another power outlet would be the alternative to this, but i have had many bad experiences with electricians in the past and would love to avoid this route if possible.
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There are flat extension cords available.
posted by Dipsomaniac at 2:02 PM on October 11, 2005

Or these.
(Should have posted them in the previous, I guess...)
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Codes? Like, building codes? Or cords, like, well, extention cords?
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Response by poster: thanks. the first link was somewhat i was thinking about except the codes need to go around doorway and must be able to withstand my tweaking them to turn 90 degrees 4 times. the 2nd link seems interesting and that might work.
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Response by poster: cords. yes. CORDS.

sorry i'm in work mode.
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Get one in a bright color and turn it into a piece of art! (upper right corner)
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Response by poster: HAHAHAHA! that'd be awesome. except my cats will probably destroy anything that hangs from ceiling in less than 15 minutes.
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Since you're going over the doorway, you've probably got this covered, but just make sure you tack them down along the baseboard or carpet line. I think that takes care of a lot of the ugliness.
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I shouldn't point out holes in your spelling while I bungle extension.
posted by klangklangston at 5:31 PM on October 11, 2005

Response by poster: oh well i'm horrible at spelling and have learned to hate spell checkers.
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