Unique photo gifts?
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Last Christmas I gave my parents a snowglobe with a family picture inside and they flipped their shit. What non-traditional photo-object can I get them this year?

They have tons of framed pictures. They hate the aesthetic of those collage frames you can buy at wal mart or michaels.
Ideas I have come up with -
Photo magnets
Photo mousepad
That's it. I'm looking more for photo decor (snowglobe) rather than for a useful object with a photo on it (mousepad) but all suggestions are welcome. Bonus would be an object ready made for putting a photo inside as I'm not so into DIY, but again, open to anything.
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How about a hunk of acrylic with a laser-etched photo? Or wood?
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You can make a calendar where you have a picture for each month. Places like Kinko's will make it for you if you give them the pictures, or you can of course do it yourself if you do that sort of thing on a printer. Or you could do a calendar that has all the months on one big page and just one big picture on top. Think about the calendars that grocery and other stores hand out for free this time of year.

Here's a company that does this, Snapfish.
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Calendar made from family photos?
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Shutterfly and Things Remembered have some nice options. I think the blankets and iphone cases look great.
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Ooh, also games! The memory one looks good.
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Coffee mug!
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Someone gifted me a personalized Rubik's Cube--'twas really cute.

I've also printed photos on mini throw pillows. I have a set with my closest friends' portraits in a Brady-Bunch-Family-Style eyeing each other.
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Nthing calendar. My brother gave my mother one with photos of her grandchild (in bathing suit in July, with a pumpkin for October, etc.) and it was a huge hit.
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I once had a jigsaw puzzle made from a meaningful family photo for a Christmas gift, and it was very well received.
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Lenticular prints? It was an FPP this week.
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If you're into DIY, try a photo transfer onto wood. Very cool.

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Yeah, I just came in to mention using laser cutters/engravers. You can take about any digital image and put it in metal or wood.
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The MeFi Mall is back again this year, and anastasiav is selling customized candles again! I got one last year for my mother with a photo of my mother, my sisters, and me. Anastasiav was incredibly helpful with getting the colors right (we're a family of ghostly pale ladies). Very talented, and the product was Beautiful! My mother loved it! Other members of my family will be getting other photo candles as soon as I get un-lazy enough to pour through the old albums.
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You could turn a photo into a paint-by-number kit for them to paint?
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I used shutterfly (above) the last two years, recommend them highly.
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