Help me find this pen!
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I received a pen from one of the attorneys in my office. It's awesome and I want more, but I don't know what kind it is!

Picture is here. It's plastic, not metal. The only identifying marker is on the clip, here. It looks like a windmill's blades.

The attorney doesn't know the source of the pens - he's just a member of the foundation that received them as swag. I could call the foundation and ask them as a last resort, but I'd prefer not to.

Can anyone help?
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I might also post to some fountain pen websites, those folks know their pens! lol! i wouldn't feel bad about calling the foundation. I would!
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Aie! That's it! Now to convince my bosses that we need to buy 'em :)
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I work for a company that sells this kind of stuff. You should know that you don't need to (in fact, probably can't) buy from the company shown on this website. But if you google "promotional products (your fair city)" you'll get a number of companies locally that have access to this vendor. Ask them if they're an ASI or PPAI member, and if so give them that vendor number up at the top left of the site right under the logo, along with that part #WC51287.

Those are industry association code numbers that gives a local distributor the ability to look up and contact the vendor.

I guarantee they will be impressed, and probably a little unnerved. :-)
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