Best grown up gift subscriptions for the Holidays?
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Please help me find grown up, monthly, gift subscriptions...

I love the idea of a monthly gift subscription for a holiday gift. I have the kids covered but would like to gift some to some of the older members of my family. Barring the usual ones of magazines, fruit and alcohol, what are some great, monthly gifts that you've seen? The more creative, the better. Thanks!
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If any of them have a dog, do Bark Box! I have at least as much fun opening them as my dog does.
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In the same vein, Birchbox is a total blast to receive. I gave my sister a 6 month subscription for her birthday last year and she said that was just about the right amount of time.
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I love Ipsy, $10/month for a bag of 4-5 make-up samples mostly personalized based on a survey you take, but they often have a waitlist so not sure how that works with gift subscriptions. Also new on the scene: Hella Tights, a monthly tights subscription club! They do gift subscriptions. Haven't tried them yet but it looks pretty fun.
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I like the Ramblings of A Suburban Mom blog for subscription box ideas and reviews.
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Cooks Illustrated magazine. It is only ~20$ but really fabulous.
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Lifehacker asked this question a couple of weeks ago. There were many suggestions and comments. Now that I look more closely I guess they also include some for kids and pets, but there are plenty for adults.
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I don't think it fulfills the "great" part, but maybe "creative" -- if you Google "monthly period gift box" you will find a few places hawking regular shipments of tampons (and chocolate bars or whatever broads-must-like-this? in some cases).
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Bacon of the month club.
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Stridebox looks like a great gift subscription for any runners in your life.
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Murray's Cheese and/or Meat of the Month

Craft Coffee of the Month

For knitters: Yarnbox

Search Etsy -- soaps, candles, lingerie, handmade socks, bread, fabric, pies, etc.
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I love the idea of Art in a Box, though I think there are some other similar products out there as well. A friend just started getting Loot Crate, which was full of many nerdy delights.
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For the non-physical, and the music lovers: now carries 32 different labels/groups, and monthly prices range from $10-20 USD per label/group. For that, you get EVERYTHING a label releases, plus some subscriber goodies. Audio is available to download in MP3 or lossless formats, and you can stream the releases, too. Along those same lines, there's Nicholas Jaar's Other People label/project, where you pay $5 per month, or $50 per year, and you get one new release each Sunday.

Much of skews towards electronic/dance genres, but as they add more labels, the range of styles and sounds increases, too, while Other People is very much focused on electronic music, often leaning ambient/minimal.
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relevant thread
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If they love cooking you could get them a CSA subscription. But that's kind of a commitment to cooking so it would only work if you KNEW it wouldn't be a burden.
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My current favourite is Not Another Bill, it's not especially cheap but the gifts are unique.
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Some folks I know have put together a gift subscription of locally made Hawaii items (some art, a lot of food) if someone in your family dreams of Hawai'i breezes.
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Powell's Books does Indiespensable which is a book plus some other treats. It may be out of your price range - it is out of mine - at around $40/month.
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These are both UK based ones that I've got for people that have been well received.
Souksouk is a similar idea to birchbox, but all cruelty free products. Comes really nicely packaged with a little magazine.

Persephone Books specialise in interesting and otherwise neglected twentieth century writers, mainly women - they have a 12 or 6 month subscription and a really good list of suggested titles for different interests. They are lovely books, with gorgeous dove grey bindings, and the endpapers are always a beautiful fabric print from the appropriate time.
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Zingerman's, Zingerman's, Zingerman's.
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Craft Brewed Clothing sells subscriptions of T-shirts from various microbreweries around the country.
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