Audio analysis software: where can I download a reputable program?
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I'd be interested in downloading a program which allows me to see a visual analysis of the soundwaves within an audio file.


Could someone please tell me where I can find a reputable program for playing audio files, with an accompanying visualisation of the sound patterns within the file? I'm trying to listen through some sound files where there's a lot of nothing much happening for long periods of time, and I want to be able to ignore the silent parts.

Also, on a more general level, if CNET's is promoting PUP like WebCake, where else can I go to find safe downloads?

Thanks for any advice.
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On what platform?

Audacity is free and available for many systems.
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Thirding Audacity.
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I also recommend Audacity. One wrinkle is that Audacity doesn't natively support exporting (saving) files as mp3s. If you need to do that you can get a free plugin, LAME, that Audacity will use. Intructions to easily install that are here.

It's not really clear from the main Audacity download page that you'll need to do that.
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You just need any sound editor. Audacity is free. You could also find copies of Adobe Audition (previously CoolEdit Pro) online. They cost money but I feel like free copies of CoolEdit Pro are floating around the internet. In CoolEdit Pro, you can remove noise (clicks, pops, hissing) and remove silence. I assume Adobe Audition has these features too. Not sure about Audacity.
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Do you want spectographic info or just waveforms?

Audacity is great for waveforms. Audacity will do spectograms, but Spek is much much better.
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