Need a map editor that will let me overlay aerial photographs and more?
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Hi there, I am interested in balloon mapping an area of London. I want to host the resulting map online but I also want to contextualise it by placing it on top of for instance, a Google satellite map like this. I also want to be able to annotate it with text and photographs taken from the ground. Are there any programmes or online editors that will let me do this? Thanks.
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You likely want to begin with MapKnitter, which will help you orient and correct your images, which can then be exported to a variety of formats, including Google Maps, Google Earth and more. Good luck, and please share your results!
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Response by poster: Cheers! Forgot to add that I also want to be able to host it online once I'm done.
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Google Maps Engine (the replacement for GMap's My Maps feature) has the ability to create different layers. GME is (for a free product) a fairly powerful tool.
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