My hands are always sweaty/sticky. What can I do??
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My hands are always sweaty/sticky. What can I do to keep my keyboards/mouse/things I touch clean?

My hands are always sweaty/sticky. This results in very dirty keyboards and basically dirty/grimy surfaces of things I touch frequently. What can I do to keep things I touch clean?
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Get in the habit of wiping down these things regularly using a damp cloth. I just use my micro fibre dishcloth at home. At work I wear glasses and I clean my glasses daily using these wet wipes for glasses. Once the glasses are clean I just keep wiping my phone and keyboard and what not with them until they dry out too much. They work really well because they are designed to cut through skin oils and make-up and whatever else people end up getting on their glasses. If I didn't wear glasses and wanted to keep my keyboard/mouse/desk cleaner than the cleaning crew get them (who don't touch the keyboard/mouse ever) I'd probably just take a spare dishcloth into work and use that, rinse with a bit of hand soap from the ladies and store in my desk. They dry in no time.
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I just wash my hands a lot. Usually always before using computer at home. At my job- at a very dirty high school- I try to use wipes and stuff like that.
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Mine get clammy when I'm stressed or anxious. I just wash them frequently. You may want to keep a hanky in your pocket or a washcloth close at hand.

There is a condition where the hands profusely sweat, I saw some UK tv episode on youtube about it. There is an electro treatment for it, so if it's an excessive thing I'd look into that.
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