Best paint to use for a portrait on a toaster oven?
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A coworker of mine often complains that we do not have a toaster in the office. I have an unused one, and would like to paint her portrait on it as a humorous secret-santa gift for our office xmas party. I like to work with acrylics and india ink, but am afraid that they will peel off when they get hot. What paint/technique do you think will work best?
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I'm thinking appliance touch up paint should do the trick. Given the narrow color selection, you'll want to do it in grayscale, which could work really well!

Another thought would be to paint a portrait, photograph it and then have it made into a sticker. You can get a few and replace as necessary.
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High temp engine enamel, available at auto parts stores. It comes in a spray can, so you'd have to make/use a stencil. BBQ paint comes in even higher temperature ratings, but way fewer colors.
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Enamel paints (the sort used for model kits) might be a good choice. They work fine on metal or plastics and have a fair degree of heat resistance. I know an artist who works with enamel paints on canvas, in preference to acrylics or oils, so they're definitely an option for portrait painting.
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How about painting a toaster cover?
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Sharpies wear well.

I'd maybe go with actually printing one out, affixing it to a huge magnet back, and applying it.
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Best answer: I think you should definitely paint it directly on the toaster with enamel paint from an art supply store.

I also kind of love you for having this idea.
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Seconding stencil + engine enamel or stove paint spray.

Use it quite a few times yourself afterwards so she's not the one who gets the smell as the pain loses its leftover solvents.
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Response by poster: I ended up stopping by pearl paint on Canal St. in NYC. They had a bake-on enamel glaze paint on sale. I used it. The toaster was a hit.
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