Trips tips for weekend visit to LA and Huntington Beach
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I'm flying down to SoCal on Saturday morning and flying back back Sunday evening after spending Saturday evening visiting with some friends in HB. I'll be flying into LAX, picking up a rental, then head south to Huntington Beach. On Sunday, I'll head north to catch the plane flight back. How can I make this easy to do, where can I stay, and what beaches might I visit along the way with the short time I have planned?

I need to get a car arranged, and a place to stay Saturday night. All else is pretty flexible. I'm thinking I'll have time to perhaps spend some time at the beach on Saturday, and again on Sunday.

I'm talking beaches here because I don't think I'll have enough time to do much in the way of sightseeing or travelling around the area. Just in and out the next day. It would be nice to have some time on the beach to go for a walk or watch the waves, get some exercise.

I'm thinking of going to Venice Beach on the way north Sunday as I've always wanted to see the boardwalk and spend a few hours there sightseeing. I'm bring minimal stuff, just a carry on, and need to rent a car and find a place to stay for Saturday night.

I'm looking for tips on how to make this easier to do, suggestions on car rental agencies, motels or places to stay in Huntington Beach, how to get down there (coastal or freeways), perhaps suggestions on places to stop along the way. What's the weather likely to be like, for example?
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The weather will probably be in the 60s and sunny, but there's always a chance of rain this time of year. I think you've already got your schedule sorted. Go to Huntington Beach on Saturday and Venice on Sunday. You're probably not going to have a ton of time at either, and Sunday traffic around LAX is going to be the Ninth Circle of Hell, so make sure you have lots and lots of extra time.

You're going past the airport (very, very, slowly) to get to Venice. No idea how bad it will be, but a shot in the dark says 2 hours or more to get to the airport from HB on Sunday.

I could see an advantage in staying up toward LAX in that you wouldn't have to drive back that way on Sunday. (Saturday night traffic will be fine).
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I like the beach on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach (just south of Huntington Beach), specifically the section between Newport Pier and Balboa Pier. You can also go out to the end of the peninsula to see the sometimes big waves at the so-called Wedge, and you can take the tiny car ferry across to Balboa Island. If you'd like to visit a nice Southern California outdoor mall while you are there, Fashion Island is very nearby. If you have time you can go further south to Laguna Beach which has nice restaurants and art galleries. Anyway, all this depends on what you like, so if you have further questions feel free to MeMail me.
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Since it's been raining, just an FYI if you were thinking of going into the water: You should avoid the ocean for a few days after it rains (animals, too.)
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