Is my TV too old for my nifty new tablet and adapter?
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I bought a Kanex Slimport Adapter (from the company) to connect my Nexus 7 (2013) to my TV. There is no signal - nothing on the TV at all. I have searched around online and it seems that it's possible my TV is just not compatible. But the info is thin on the ground and I am at a loss. I have an older TV -- a Sharp Aquos LC-26DA5U -- which I think I bought in 2006 or 2007. I am going to test it on another TV when I can -- I only own the one TV so it might be a while. Question: Could it be my TV? I don't want to send the adapter back unless it's really broken. Not that I want to buy a new TV, but I really want to watch Netflix with Hola Unblocker....the whole point of this tablet purchasing exercise.
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One option is to test it.

If the adapter is portable, take the whole rig to best buy. "I'm considering a new TV, but I need one that's compatible with this thing. Can we plug it in and see if it works?"
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It seems like your problems are not uncommon - half of the reviewers on amazon couldn't get it to work, and a majority of commenters on this Google Products Forum couldn't either.

It could be a compatibility issue, but the immediate conclusion I draw from these reviews is that very few TVs are compatible with Slimport in the first place. Test it out with some other TVs, see what happens - you may still find that it will not work with your Sharp.

Another solution to your problem might be the Chromecast - you could wirelessly stream from your Nexus, and it supports Netflix (though I'm not 100% certain how Hola Unblocker will affect it), or any Blu-ray player that supports Miracast.
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I suppose it's possible that your TV has an earlier version of the HDMI spec that the Slimport doesn't play nice with, but have you played around with the "HDMI Setup" settings from page 27 of your TV manual ?
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit, but I can't use a Chromecast with the Hola Unblocker. I looked into this as it seemed perfect! But I need to directly mirror the device. Hola won't work wirelessly. If I use the Chromecast (which I know is a good device) I can't block my IP to get US Netflix. (I am in Canada and we have very poor Nexflix options.) Will go now, just wanted to mention Chromecast and why it's not ideal for this problem. Thank you both!
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Response by poster: Yes, played with the HDMI settings for an hour. No luck and a few curse words.
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I had the same issue with the new N7 Tablet (2013), but with a different adapter brand. The one I tried was the Skiva MHL (Micro USB) to Female HDMI Adapter. I returned it after consulting with Skiva. Now I know it is not the same adapter as you bought, but the issue might be the same.

They offered this reason:
"We would like to confirm that the specified device i.e Nexus 7 is not compatible with the Skiva product as our product is compatible with MHL devices that use microUSB technology whereas we have verified that your device works on SlimPort technology that is not compatible."

I don't know the exact solution but if you contact Kanex support, the Slimport/MHL issue could be something to focus on.
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(oh, and fwiw, skiva support was really terrific with the issue. i don't want this to sound as a slam on their product)
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Response by poster: Resolution in case anyone else has the issue. The adapter works fine. It was indeed my TV.
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