Help me choose a name, book club edition
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I'm starting a book club and need to come up with a name.

I'm calling it a book club for lack of a better term. It's a place for those of us who graduated from Moms' Groups but didn't graduate from wanting a place to talk about the challenges and triumphs of raising kids, combined with a good excuse for a glass of wine and a tasty snack. So many of my friends have lamented the lack of a moms' group for kids older than age one, I thought it might be good to at least get people together to talk on a more informal basis.

I'm cross-pollinating all of my mommy-group friends, so that those of us with "older" kids can share their accumulated wisdom with those whose kids are younger, and everyone can brainstorm and commiserate. We can have a book that we discuss for a meeting or two, although reading the book won't be required to come, but having a book to discuss can spur the conversation. This is a group of mostly very funny women, and we do a lot of laughing together- this is not a judgy bunch at all.

My local independent bookstore is awesome, and I want to combine some support for that into this- they have a dedicated book shelf for local book clubs, and display the current selection, which members of the book club can buy for a small discount. So I really need a name for a book club for a group of women, mostly parenting/child-rearing oriented, but not serious or stern. Something funny would be awesome, but I am drawing a total blank.

Help me come up with something reasonably clever, and I will be forever grateful.
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Mommy and not me
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My group like this is simple: [CITY NAME] Mamas.
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Motherhood's Next Chapter
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But That's Another Story (A group for moms)
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Matrix, because of its multiple overtones of motherhood, context, and generation.
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Some moms, some books and a sommelier.
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Yo momma so well read
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mom raths outgrape
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Moms: Talk, Love, Drink
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Um I love Mommy & Merlot!
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Chillin & Spillin
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