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Where does one buy clothing for a 6'2, slim, broad-shouldered man that is dapper but not preppy, well-made but not exorbitantly priced? Britishy aesthetic, minimalist style, and monochromatic colors all desirable. Current favorite is Topman, but looking for something with better quality construction.

The likes of J.Crew and L.L. Bean skew too Americana hunter/yachter-esque.

APC and the less avant garde styles at Oak NYC are admired, but out of budget.

Currently what fits best is Banana Republic's tall, slim fit shirts (but BR's look tends too close to preppy), American Apparel's slim slack, and most things at Topman (maybe more British than American men are shaped like this?).

Everlane looks interesting, but can anyone testify as to how it would fit on someone of this build?

All suggestions very much appreciated!
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Could you clarify what constitutes "exorbitantly priced?" Is Ted Baker too much? What about Paul Smith?
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Marks and Spencer?
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COS. Cos, Cos, Cos. Apparently it's coming to the States in the new year (are you in the States?).
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An Everlane t-shirt was a little too short for my taste and I'm your height. Pretty sure they list the heights of their models and they don't tend tall.
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Are there any specific items you're looking for? Shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, etc? For example if all you're looking for is nice slim fit shirts, then Kamakura is amazing, but they don't really offer much else.

Anyway I could recommend Brooks Brothers, Club Monaco, and AllSaints. Uniqlo for some items. While J.Crew does have a kind of American vibe a lot of their basics (shirts, blazers, pants, sweaters) are fairly style agnostic.

Everlane unfortunately is wildly inconsistent with regards to sizing. You get what you pay for. If you want t-shirts look at Wolf vs Goat, if you want shirts look at Brooks Brothers or Kamakura.
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I've had good luck with Mexx. Their shirts are monochromatic and they have sizing that fits me. Like you, I am broad-shouldered, tall, and slim. Any American shirt in the large-tall range is a bit too long and, worse, far too wide (read: full beer gut coverage). XXL slim shirts at Mexx are not quite as tall as an American LT, but very slim aroud the midsection and fit me perfectly.
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