Dear IRS, I swear I am who I say I am!
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My legal name and gender change court order will be finalized in late January and I will immediately go and change my SSA, DMV, and birth cert information. My W2 will probably arrive before I can get my new documents to my HR department. Will this cause problems filing my taxes? What should I expect and prepare for? I'm in California and use Turbotax.
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I don't think it will cause any problems at all.

But to be safe, call the IRS. 800-829-1040.
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You'll still have the same social security number, so I'd guess any hurdles could be ironed out quickly.
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The IRS is pretty unconcerned about this sort of thing. When I changed my name (not gender, true, but hopefully your experience is similar) I got zero crap from almost every institution except the airlines (who were all afraid I was scamming frequent flyer miles, and totally unconcerned about things like terrorism). In general, I found that the more important the paperwork, the less of a problem changing my name was. The small stuff -- changing my gym membership -- is where it was a major PITA. The IRS is likely to fall into the former category.
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I changed my name and gender a few years ago and taxes were not a problem. If I remember right there is a question about previous names.

(Though that might have one of the many other forms I had to fill out during this process. It's a pain. MeMail me if I might be able to help.)
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Taxes are all tied to your Social Security number, basically. I've, er, managed to spell my name wrong on my Illinois taxes and my brother's W-2 had the wrong middle initial last year.

A quick google suggests you do want to make sure you name is changed with Social Security before filing your taxes and give it a week or two for the change to make it to the IRS.

Also, you can be a little pro-active and see what your employer requires to change your name in their records. It may only be the court order, in which case there's maybe a chance you'd beat the printing of the W-2s. (I know my university/current employer demands a Social Security card for any name changes (and doesn't want to see the court order), but I don't know if that's for FAFSA reasons, tax reasons or some random rule they made up.)
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The biggest problem that you may face is that you may receive your tax return (if you're getting a live check instead of direct deposit) as a check made out to your former legal name. Hang on to your certified copy of your name change form and it'll be no problem beyond the awkwardness at the bank.
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