Proper Settings for Adobe Media Encoder Bulk Transcoding?
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Previously, I have used Adobe Media Encoder to convert hundreds of varying video files in to one common format. Works great. Set it and forget it. A godsend. Now, I have a folder of about 5000 WMVs (with a few MPGs and MOVs scattered throughout) of all different resolutions and quality. I need to convert them to MP4s, each the same resolution and quality of the file each original was.

So say in this folder there are:

video1.wmv 720x480 2mbps
video2.wmv 1440x1080 8mbps
video3.wmv 320x240 1mbps
video4.mpg 640x480 3mbps

I need the resulting files to be:

video1.mp4 720x480 2mbps
video2.mp4 1440x1080 8mbps
video3.mp4 320x240 1mbps
video4.mp4 640x480 3mbps

What would the settings need to be in AME to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!
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The new Adobe Media Encoder CC has an option under h.264 for "Match Source: High Bitrate" or "Match Source: Medium Bitrate:. That's what I would use. Handbrake can also do this.
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