Family member moving to Augusta, GA. Advice, please!
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A family member is moving to Augusta, Georgia before the end of the year, and we're looking for some advice on apartments and job opportunities.

I've looked through some of the previous questions on here about the area, and it sounds really nice, but it's difficult to find information pertinent to nice apartment areas and job opportunities. Any help would be appreciated!

She is in her early 50s and will be attempting to find an apartment online before moving down there. She's applied for several jobs but will most likely be moving before having one lined up for sure. I know this isn't ideal, but her mind is made up, and she has enough savings to cover a few months of expenses if she doesn't land a job right away. My questions are these:

1. She is not well off; are there apartments in decent areas for rent in the $500-$600/month range?

2. When looking for apartments, what areas are better avoided?

3. Are there many job opportunities for people of her demographic? (early 50s, no college, decades of administrative assistant-type work)

Thanks in advance for your input. I've tried searching around for info on these sort of questions, but it's difficult to find good information.
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I can't speak specifically to rent prices, but I suspect $600 might be on the low end of possible. There are some sketchy parts of town by the Fort that I might avoid, but other than that, it's fairly safe. As far as jobs in the area, hard to say. There are several big employers, but I don't think demand for clerical type work is that high. Maybe at the University or one of the hospitals?
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