Updating a Wikireader
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After reading about it here a few weeks ago, I bought a remaindered Wikireader for cheap on eBay. The Wikireader page offers a Win or Mac app to do the update for you, and a developer page explains how to do it manually. Problem is, either way the 7zip archives for the various Wikis time out and quit downloading only part way through, and then choke when you try to unzip them. I wonder if these data files for the Wikireader are available anywhere else other than the support site, where the download might go better, or maybe as a torrent. I've looked, but maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Everyone seems to have quit playing with these a few years ago, does anyone know of any ongoing hack/programming/repurposing efforts? Do they still sell the miniSD cards preloaded with recent updates?
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I was able to download English Wikipedia, Wikitionary, and Wikitravel updates last night. The install took too long so I had to quit early, but I know they downloaded all the way. Is your internet connection flakey? These folks seem to be discussing a torrent, FYI.
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