Ways To Help People in Need with Writing or Film Skills?
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St. Louis friend trained as a writer and filmmaker wants to use his skills to help people in need/suffering. Does anyone in the area (the city, or St. Louis County) know of any volunteering options for him? He already has an office job, but career suggestions would be welcome, though I think volunteering is more of an immediate interest. National and local organizations anyone knows of in the area are welcome. Thanks!
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Found through the friends of 826 page.
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This is tough because filmmaking is a very expensive artform so it generally doesn't mix with volunteering which you don't get money for. He could offer to make an industrial or a promo for a local homeless shelter and he could probably do it for a couple of hundred dollars which is pretty cheap.

Writing would be easier. If Fiction is his interest he can write short original stories and read them to kids at a local children's hospital. Of coarse he'd have to get permission first.
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I volunteer at a homeless women's refuge room and they have someone who comes every week to run a writer's group. It is hugely successful and the stories that come out of their exercises are very moving and fascinating.
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Came to suggest 826 as a starting point, too.
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Response by poster: As far as filmmaking he has all the programs and equipment, and/or close associates who will lend him specialized equipment. I think photography is also something he is trained in as well. Thanks for the ideas so far, more are welcome if anyone else has any at any point.
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I think that it would also be wonderful to go into a nursing home and film interviews with the residents. I should have done that when my grandma was still alive . . . she had the best stories and outlook on life. I would think that the families would really appreciate having something like that to look back on.

The Youth Learning Center is also a great organization. They do summer camps to raise money -- my daughter took a computer animation class there and it was absolutely wonderful. I wonder if any of his filmmaking skills would apply to that -- or perhaps he could come in and teach a workshop on filmmaking or writing skills to the kids.

Any interest in animals at all? Stray Rescue goes into some pretty bad areas to rescue abandoned animals. It would make an interesting short film to follow along and tell the story of a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption. They could probably show it at fundraising events and put it on their web site.
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